Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mustard Orange + Peachy Pink

I usually think of mustard orange as a fall color, but paired with this peachy pink, this outfit was perfect for a warm spring day.  Work has been crazy busy, but things are calm finally, or rather the calm before the storm of June that is.  There is nothing like ending the school year in a junior high where students think the end of the year happens after the last state test.

To keep my sixth graders engaged, I've been implementing a high-interest literature circle unit with books largely of choice and am getting ready to start the students on various, hands-on, creative final projects.  To keep myself engaged, I've been rocking my skirts in new ways, pulling out all my spring dresses and resisting the tempting how-many-days-to-the-last-day countdown.
J.Crew Jackie cardigan and blouse; ASOS midi skirt; Seychelles heels
This full, midi skirt is especially flattering when balanced by a reasonable heel.

 This silhouette makes me feel so Mad Men!

Forever 21 necklace, gold nameplate
 I love layering necklaces, especially with my nameplate. 

Forever 21 midi ring, rose ring and Guess gold watch

 These colors truly gave me life!  Seriously my bright color choices cheer me up often.  It's the small things that matter sometimes.

Until next time,
Miss M

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