Wednesday, September 25, 2013

All About the Acessories!

Here are some quick photos before I biked off to work in my attempt to get there earlier to take care of a few things before first period.  I thoroughly enjoyed my necklaces and I will say my, outfit got me though my incredibly busy day.  Teaching sixth grade is draining! 

 Old Navy blouse, Target skirt, Forever 21 & J.Crew Factory necklaces, Uniqlo jacket

I like the mix of casual jacket with my outfit.  It helps to tone things down a bit, and since the jacket is long, its perfect to bike with when in a fitted skirt.

J.Crew Factory tights, Seychelles heels, also worn here
 The navy (and black) tights helped further break-up an otherwise black and white outfit.  I prefer to stay away from typical color combinations. 

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