Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Meet Students at the Door!

I left my class today, after letting my co-teacher know of course, to find eight missing students.  It was eighth period, and after having taught the class earlier in the day, I knew those students were either in trouble in their last class or straggling in the hall.  Either way, seven years of teaching has taught me that nothing good comes of a mass of late students entering at once, without the teacher filtering them in.  I cannot stress the importance of meeting challenging students, or simply needy students, at the door instead of allowing them to enter on their own.  Energy is real.

I found four of those students in the guidance office, one was being picked up early and the rest trickled in.  With ten days left, I am not interested in entertaining an even slightly-rowdy class.  Therefore, I am especially preemptive.  Meet them at the door, lights dimmed, greet with calm tone and keep them engaged.  And when a bunch are missing, go find them if you have the luxury.  One student has the power to set off a class, and more than one late student has the ability keep the class off-task for an entire period.

Miss M

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