Tuesday, June 18, 2013

He Who Does Not Learn

I actually said to a student today: you mean to tell me, that you don't learn?

A few kids chuckled. I'm sorry but on June 18th, period 8 you will not tell me that your last teacher tried to teach you rhyming poetry and you just couldn't learn it.  In fact you can't learn it.  I didn't say all that, but I certainly thought it.

Instead I said, I will teach you how to rhyme using our provided rhyme word banks during extended day.

And I did. I had the student who "doesn't learn" on one side, and the student who couldn't write because both of his pointer fingers were injured on the other side. 

Together we sat.  He who does not learn, learned, and the other dictated while I scribed. There may be sixth days left, but I will not tolerate the nonsense.

Miss M

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