Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am the Teacher, You are the Student!

A student named after a frank virtue told me two things today.  One, as we crossed paths in the hall before first period, she told me I matched-- in the past she has told me that I do not match as well as asked how I match.  Two, she raised her hand in class during independent practice to tell me that my nails finally match-- they are all pink this time, instead of a few different colors.  Luckily for her, the big red stone I had on one finger on each hand fell out, or else she wouldn't have been able to handle it!

The outfit, okay.  The outfit and the nails in one day crossed the line.  I told her, I am not your peer! I am the teacher, you are the student.  It's not like I was reprimanding her per say, but she was getting too comfortable.  Sometimes a student may approach a teacher as though they are the same age, but the longer I've been teaching, my patience for such has seriously dwindled.  Either way, I do not come to school dressed to gain her approval.  I'm not sure that she'll ever understand this though.  At least not this semester.

I love color and have fun with it.  Some kids can appreciate it, just like some adults can.  And some, some are too far in the box.  As they say, each one teach one.  That applies to many things including yes, a teacher can wear funky colors and yes, this teacher does ride her bike to work all year long in her skirts.

Miss M

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