Monday, November 19, 2012

Everybody is Not Going to Like You

The student I mentioned with a chip on her shoulder struck again. I was walking down to the lunch room, a place I don't like going because it is crazy and dangerous with all the energy, to get my students for tutoring.  I overheard her saying: I don't like her to two students who do "like" me.

I jumped in saying: You're not going to like everybody. And everybody is not going to like you. That's a life lesson. The sooner you learn it the better. She didn't like what I was saying. Probably because I was right in feeling she was talking about me.

The girls, who are quite mature and have their own troubled history but have turned around, agreed with me saying: Yup, she's right.

And that was that. I've taken to giving life lessons to students when they least expect it. Keeps me sane, and may even teach them a thing or two.

Miss M

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