Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meditation Club

As much as I've been thinking of revamping and revealing a new blog look in a big way, I realize that this is as good as any topic to revive my blog after a several month hiatus.

I started posting this picture on my Instagram with what was turning out to be a long caption that felt more like a blog post, so here goes. 

My meditation club-- I usually say "the meditation group I facilitate" but I'm owning this right now!-- is growing and evolving. For the past few months, I've been meeting with a group of students and some faculty on Wednesdays during lunch to meditate and share a calm, grounded space with like or aspiring like minds. Even our physical space has evolved from a simple room with chairs to the addition of a large rug and several floor pillows to compliment our dim lamp. Similarly, as a group we've gone from 1-2 regulars to several more and truly filling up our space. After last week's meditation meeting I realized that the club was also evolving to include social emotional learning and mindfulness discussions as we talked about how to maintain our joy and stay grounded even in trying situations.

So, after meditation today, I taught the students about affirmations and we wrote some to post in the hallway. We are also now meeting one day after school in addition to one day at lunch. This was all student requested. I continue to be humbled and inspired by the students' openness and the effects felt from our time together-- a student shared today that someone asked through her "" site how she stays so happy and she talked about meditation. Speak! I'm realizing this is a little bit of a deja vu in that the meditation club came about after I mentioned to one of my classes earlier this year that the reason I was so calm in a slightly jarring situation Is because I meditated that morning. This same student inquired about it, and I told her more and she said she would love to try it. The rest is history.

I am also learning and growing in this process and am excited to see where this all goes. An educational setting that includes mindfulness practices is the dream I didn't always have the language to express, though it clearly aligns with the teaching philosophy I've always held.  More on this to come.

Love and light.
<3 M

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