Sunday, November 2, 2014

Top 10 Instagram Posts of October

I created my Instagram account right before my epic trip to and through Mexico two years ago, and I haven't looked back.  Here are my top ten photos from October:

1. Street art in Bedstuy.

2. A close-up of my latest waist-beads and Nigerian bracelets from a woman I've been buying shea butter from for years.
3. I've been rocking a high bun in different ways for most of the month.  Here I am in front of some street at in boderline Chinatown.

4. Lovely cupcakes and gin martinis at my favorite four-year olds birthday party.

5. My pup and I outside more street art in Clinton Washington.

6. A selfie at work.  My high bun is not pictured, but my lined eyes and my new favorite earrings from J.Crew Factory are.

7. Pausing on a walk through the neighborhoods with my furry love.  Peep the retro Nikes and cords.

8. Enjoying my $10 salad while people-watching in the sun at Union Square.

 9. My pup and I taking a break for a drink during an afternoon walk.

10. A selfie at ABC Home.

Happy November!

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