Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Creating Balance

It is so important for a teacher to maintain a life out of work.  Those of you who know me well, know that this is something I am usually good at.  Ever since I reclaimed my life from teaching, balance is something I prioritize.  I usually maintain my social calendar, exercise several times a week, get eight hours of sleep and work on side projects.

However, lately between my second semester of graduate school for my administration degree and my second year working at my current school with a new co-teacher, I have been neglecting balance.  I did manage to see a good friend for happy hour in the middle of last week, but to only work and drink would be regressive and a little too much like my first few years of teaching.  I digress.

This is all to say, today I made it to the gym!  And yes, that deserves an exclamation point.  Despite running a 10K last month, without much training I should add, I have not been exercising during the week at all.  Today, I lifted before cardio, and during my sprinting portion of my 20 minute session of intervals, I found myself repeating the following mantra: I will teach <insert class section> and <repeat class section> will learn.  That came to mind as I ran hard, when I really wanted to be done with the day and at home already.  It felt good, and uplifting.  This particular section is challenging in ways, but they are learning and today was a good day. 

Something teaching has taught me is: take each day as it comes and count even the smallest successes.  The day a teacher gives up and stops trying, no learning happens and she, herself, is miserable.

On that note, time to write a paper as I watch Greys Anatomy on Netflix.

Miss M

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