Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer!

I have been meaning to update this blog all summer!  Though, this update is super late in theory, perhaps it's also right on time.

I have been having the best summer (yet) of my adulthood.  Seriously.  Perhaps,  it's a mix of learning and practicing self-love as well as seizing life because thirty was coming--  in fact, it came four days ago-- and I didn't want to have any regrets.  Suddenly, I wasn't waiting for people to do the things I really wanted to do, whether it's hit up a local bar solo or attend a museum event way uptown solo, or ride my bike to the beach, also solo.  I also set some strong intentions like, I'm going to Japan this summer, and even though I didn't have a ticket up until practically late July, I am going to Japan in a few days.

The Universe continues to affirm that the law of attraction is a real thing.  I've been on a spiritual journey for sometime now, and left and right, I've been meeting people who are also moving through life with similar vibrations-- from the way-too-young for me guy I went on a park date with to the lady whose locs I complimented at the nail salon.

This is all to say, apologies for not updating sooner.  I've gotten a lot of inquiries about some of the looks I've worn and chronicled on my Instagram, so I'll be posting some of my favorites from this summer.  That and doing a bit of blogging around other interests, as I do intend to transition Learning Style to more of a lifestyle blog.

With that, I am 30 years old now, and 30 is looking and feeling pretty darn good!  Seriously, I am in the best mental, emotional and physical shape of my life.  I am truly wearing whatever it is that I feel and doing so with little hesitation; I am being the most direct I've ever been, gracefully of course; and I am practicing living mindfully with no resistance to what is.  After all, as the affirmation I got from Deepak Chopra goes: I am independent of people's good and bad opinions of me.

On that note, I'm going to get to updating.

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