Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Top 10 Instagram Posts of October

As many of you know, I love, love, love Instagram, and often post my lipstick of the day, outings with my dog, mindfulness tidbits and foodie adventures.  I've compiled a post like this before, so here goes again.  For more of my day-to-day posts, do check out my IG: @sofullye.

1. Giving face on a random, super-chilly fall day.  Note the faux septum ring and blanket scarf doubling as a hoodie.  Very Brooklyn.

2. My Warby Parker Home-Try on kit was a success!  I narrowed it down to these two choices: the Chamberlain in crystal and the Kimbal in tortoise.  I will be adding both of these frames to my glasses collection ASAP.

3. A throwback to when my favorite nuts spent time together.  The look on their face is intense!  These dogs can express!

4. A motion selfie taken while walking my dog, Almond, one morning before work.  

5. A chaperoned a camping trip to a beautiful lodge upstate New York, and was blessed by the beautiful fall foliage.  Oh, the array of colors and tones found in nature!  Check out many more photos on my IG.

6. I snapped this lovely view during one of our hikes.

7. I stumbled across the Panamanian Day Parade on Franklin Avenue on my way to a free pizza brunch at Barboncino on Saturday.  Gotta love Brooklyn!  These lovely ladies posed for me.

8. I ran a 10K this fall after all!  Halloween 10K on Roosevelt Island.  Black girls do run!

9. I finally sampled one of my Sephora birthday gifts, the NARS thick lip pencil in Cruella.  It is absolutely lovely!

10. As many know already, this 7 second meditation app is my everything right now!  This one resonated with me deeply and was right on time for me.

Until next month, do check out my daily posts on IG.

Today's affirmation: I have more than I will every need.

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